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The next Leading Mobile Game Publisher

Image by Thom Holmes


As the next leading Game Publisher since 2021, we believe that a little bit of fun can go a really long way. Our team of expert developers, animators, engineers, and more, work day in and day out to improve our gaming options, and continuously strive to better our game features.


  • #1 We can help you improve the games you develop. For example advice about UX, UI, content, and technology.  

  • #2 We help you to take financial risks and handle the user acquisition budgets. We are experts in game promotion so that millions of players will play your game.

  • #3 We can find the maximum value from your game. We have created a complex and effective system of advertising mediation.

  • #4 We are metrics and results-oriented team. We will help you understand key metrics and work with you to increase app purchases and user growth of game retention.

Videogame Console

Battle Stage

Taking a pivot turn from our earlier games, we came together to develop and release Battle Stage. It’s one of our most popular, and by far the favorite among our team. It focuses on telling a fascinating story to our gamers through incredible imagery, action, interaction and animation. Read on to learn more about this game and others we’ve created.

Alien Invasion

Dragon Dragoon

While this is one of our earliest works, it is also one of our most successful and popular games. This game touches upon many elements and themes that have since become strong themes throughout all of our work. Whether you think you’re more into strategy and tactical games, or prefer action and fantasy, we encourage all of our gamers to check out Dragon Dragoon in order to truly enjoy the full HAPPIBITS experience.



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